Which women did God speak to directly in the Bible?

By “directly” I mean by using actual words: either God speaking audibly himself; audibly through a physical angel visitation; or audibly through an angel in a dream. I do no’t include instances where Jesus spoke directly to women.

 I count 7 women in the bible that God spoke directly to: Eve, Hagar, Sarah, Mary (mother of Jesus), Mary (mother of James), Mary Magdalene & Salome. Of these, God spoke to Eve directly and to the other 6 through an angel. God also spoke directly to one female animal through an angel: Balaam’s donkey.


 I know God did speak directly to Eve (and Adam). I don’t know of any other woman that God spoke directly to in the bible. Some women were prophets, like Miriam, so God must have spoken to them but instances of this are not recorded in the bible.

The frustrating thing about God speaking to Adam & Eve is that he spoke to Adam a lot more. He never told Eve not to touch the tree of the knowledge of good & evil – he only told Adam this. I guess we are meant to assume that Adam informed his wife of this rule. God also told Adam (not Adam & Eve) to name all the animals (including his own wife, who remains nameless until after the Fall).

 God did not speak directly to Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist). Instead God spoke to her husband when he went to the temple & told him that barren Elizabeth would have a son.

 God did not speak directly to Hannah (mother of Samuel) either. Hannah went to the temple, crying because she was barren, and the male prophet at the temple heard from God and told her that she would have a son. Her son Samuel, however, heard directly from God in a dream when he was still a child.

 God did speak directly to Sarah through an angel but only very briefly. When barren Sarah (wife of Abraham) was going to have a son neither God nor his angels spoke directly to her about it. Instead 2 angels disguised as men told her husband that she would conceive. The only time either of them addressed her was when she laughed in disbelief (because she was very old). One of the angels asked Abraham, “why did your wife laugh?” and she answers, “I didn’t laugh”, then the angel finally addresses her personally, “yes, you did laugh”.

 God did speak directly to Mary through an angel. God spoke to Jesus’ mother Mary through an angel (and to her husband Joseph twice through dreams).

God did speak to the three women at Jesus’ tomb through an angel.

God did speak to Hagar through an angel (servant of Sarah & Abraham).

 As for the men that God communicated directly with:

God spoke personally and directly to a number of men such as Adam, Cain, Noah, Moses, Saul/Paul (at least 6 men – opposed to the one women he spoke personally to, Eve). 

God spoke through dreams to men such as Joseph with the dreamcoat, Daniel, Samuel, the Pharoah, the 3 wise men, Joseph the carpenter (that is 8 men – I can’t remember him speaking in a dream to even one woman).

God spoke through angels to men such as Abraham, Lot, Elisha, Elijah.

Only one person ever saw God’s face & lived: Moses (a man). And one person actually wrestled with God in the bible (also a man). One person went to heaven & back in the bible (John, who wrote Revelations: A man). One person (a man) avoids a physical death when he is whisked away to heaven by an angel on a ‘chariot of fire’ (Elijah). God had a very close relationship with King David although interestingly I don’t think God ever spoke to David directly or through angels/dreams. He spoke to David through (usually male) prophets.

As far as miracles go I can’t recall God working through even one single women to perform a miracle in the bible (in contrast, some of Jesus’ male disciples and some male prophets raised children from the dead and healed the sick). 

 I don’t think that God is sexist but… I don’t know why he didn’t speak to more women in the bible. Men wrote the bible so perhaps they mostly included stories about men, and left out some instances where God communicated with women. However I am annoyed with God that when the barren women Sarah, Elizabeth & Hannah all conceived he did not speak directly to any of them about it, but to men who then spoke to the women on God’s behalf. God also could have spoken to Jesus’ mother Mary in a dream when her family had to flee to Egypt, but instead he spoke only to her husband Joseph in his dream. And God could have spoken directly to Mary instead of through an angel, when she was going to conceive (having said that, God didn’t speak directly to many people at all in the New Testament – the only person I can recall him speaking directly to is Saul / Paul).

 And on a happier note: the only 2 animals that God talks to in the bible (from memory) is Satan in the form of a snake (in the Garden of Eden) and Balaam’s donkey – which is a girl donkey!

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